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I just want say there are still mom and pop TV repair shops that people can rely on and not feel that your only alternative is big box store’s service. Zimmerman TV was prompt and the repair was reasonable versus buying a new TV when your unit isn’t (less than 2 yrs. old) very old, but beyond its warranty. I decided to drop off the TV to their shop to help reduce the time and expense associated with a house call. I received a call after a day in the shop explaining what the repair will entail and the cost for the repair, which the trouble shooting cost went towards the repair. After giving them the go ahead to do the repair, I was able to pickup the TV the very same day.

Richard G

Zimmerman tv cares about their customers and provides excellent service! For example, I dropped off my tv for repair on a Friday night and on Saturday morning I received a telephone call that it is ready for pick up. They were courteous and time conscious. If you need your tv repaired, Zimmerman is the company to call.


I had a great experience with Zimmerman when I brought in my tv recently. I ended up saving a good amount of money as I though I may have to purchase a new tv. But taking it in to Zimmerman was the best thing I did and I recommend doing so for anyone with tv issue. Professional, efficient and helpful!

-Matt C.

Great experience with the guys at Zimmerman TV!! Great service with quick turnaround fixing my 42″ LED LG TV. Needed new back lighting, but that was more than I was willing to tackle. Zimmerman took over and got the job done! They even loaded the TV into my car’s trunk for transport. Thank you!


On Wed. Nov.15 I was looking to get my 52″ TV repaired , it was hard to turn on. I called Best Buy , where I bought it and was told ” oh that tv is 8 years old, we probably can’t get parts , just buy a new one”. That TV cost me over $2000 , they wouldn’t even look at it. I looked in the phone book under TV repair and found Zimmerman, or some place in Grand Island. I called and spoke to Tom. I told him what Best Buy said , he laughed and said” I’m glad you called me”. I took the TV in on Friday, Nov. 17, he helped me get it out of my car. Tom called me on Friday at 3pm and told me it was ready to be picked up! Great job! Fast and friendly service!!! THANKYOU!! I highly recommend Zimmermans!!

-John L.

“Tom was awesome in helping me fix my plasma tv. He went out of his way to get me parts and the repair was far faster than expected. His open door friendly approach to customer service makes him truly a gentlemen in a service industry that requires such talent and skill. Thank you.”

-Ed J.

“Our TV would not turn in. Brought it in to Zimmerman TV and he said he would call us the next day. He actually called us 3 later with a quote. We picked it up an hour after that and were back in business. Very courteous and the price was reasonable. Excellent service.”

-John S.

“Great service at a good price. What more can you ask for? I was dreading going through the hassle of a TV repair. The guys at Zimmerman made it quick and easy. I couldn’t be happier!”

-Charles V.

“Took my 60inch LG Smart TV here for repair after it suddenly wouldn’t turn on. The service at Zimmerman’s was excellent. Dropped the TV off, left a very reasonable deposit (less than any other place I called). Within 2 days I got a call back with the estimate for repair which was again within an expected price range and had it ready for pickup within a few days. Highly recommended for any TV repairs you might need.

In my case I was not sure whether I would pay the money to fix the TV or just replace it and therefore I didn’t want to lose a lot of money for the diagnostic portion of the service, Zimmerman’s only charges $45 compared to other who were well over $70. The cost of repair was worth it so they went ahead and fixed my TV. Plus the guys working there offered me some great tips on selecting TVs.”

-Andrew D.

“Brought my tv here to get it repaired in March. Was happy with the fast service and reasonable price. Would recommend bringing your tv here!”

-Matt H.

“I was a little skeptical at first if getting a TV repaired would be worth it these days. I was pleasantly surprised when I took my 50″ Samsung in to be fixed. There was an upfront fee but it was applied to the bill. The owner was very nice and the cost was within my expectations. Fast reasonable service! Would highly recommend.”

-Pat F.

“Tom is the only one who repairs my TVs. I trust him. He is honest and that means a lot.”

-Chuck B.

“Great job on my TV! Professional, affordable and my tv was repaired and ready right on time as promised!”

-Nicolle O.

“Great service and staff.”

-Carol A.

“Just went there, great service, Tom & staff very professional.”

-Jimmy T.

“Honest service. Honest prices.”

-Sam B.

“A great place to have your T.V. repaired!!!”

“Friendly service. I was hosting a football party the next day and my less than two year old TV wouldn’t work. I called them and dropped off the TV and explained my dilemma; they had it fixed within hours! Much appreciated!!! Reasonably priced. Highly recommend!!”

-Miss Y.